For Parents

This is not about mothers vs. fathers rights. Children need BOTH parents in their lives.

Check out our Links section for links to other organizations that search for abducted children and provide support for separating parents.

Some of us are parents ourselves, and we understand the pain and devastation many of you are going through. Below are a number of articles written for parents in need of inspiration and hope.

The Kids Link is a tool for parents who want to better understand their children´s experiences and connect, or stay connected, with their children.

Children who have experienced high-conflict custody are an important resource in developing better ways to deal with high-conflict custody issues, and together with professionals in a wide range of fields, we aim to develop preventive strategies that can help families cope with divorce and custody issues more effectively. The Link is a resource for all who are affected by child custody conflicts. We aim to educate the public about the plight of children caught in the middle of these conflicts, and to provide parents and other family members with coping tools and resources that can minimize conflicts and nurture severed bonds.

Give your child the gift of acceptance: If your ex is of another culture or faith, learn to appreciate his “other” heritage; don´t hate your ex´s culture, religion, race, etc. it is unfair to condemn an entire culture because you feel angry or unfairly treated by one or a few persons from that culture.

Learn the language, make friends, eat the food, learn the laws of that country as regards custody and child-care. Find professionals who can help you. Don´t try and bribe your way in, or give the impression that you don´t want your child to be a part of the culture. Your most important mission should be to ensure that your child is taken care of and is happy. Children internalize rejection of their other culture as a rejection of them. After all, they identify with it! Be aware of potential negative signals you give out, and try and find the good that exists.