What is The Kids’ Link?

This is a from-the-heart resource site for families navigating through difficult custody conflicts: with a special focus on parents and children who are disconnected from one another as a result of a divorce or separation. We are not professionals and we don’t offer personal services or charge fees.

We’re here to share our stories and find solutions together with others affected by divorce and custodial conflict.


A little about us

We are Sarah Cecilie Finkelstein Waters and Linnea Kralik, two women who experienced long-term international parental child abduction as children. We founded The Kids’ Link in order to educate and inform the public about the negative effects separation/divorce and custody conflicts can have on children and on the parent-child bond.

In these pages you will find a range of academic articles and personal stories centered around parents and children dealing with high-conflict custody issues. Healing is possible.